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I recently made the jump from working the last 3 years in procedural stacks to a php OOP MVC framework. I’m 39, I got 5 years total doing this professionally and this is a helluva learning curve. I’m working with Magento and it’s pretty difficult. I Switched jobs over the summer and I don’t have much time in laravel aside from what taught myself. I didn’t meet expectation and separated. Now at at this magento place and I don’t want to fail. I will go back to procedural stacks but I need to get good at this. Today my boss said I was getting behind. So I’m basically in a trial by fire situation and I’m making progress but I’d like to do better. It’s not that I would give up. But I need to get good at this.


Speaking from experience; Magento has quite a tough learning curve, especially if you're not used to doing things the Magento way. If working with Magento is what you need to do, just stick with it and at one point it'll get more natural and it can even be fun. It may just take months before it really "clicks". There's lots of jobs in Magento, so knowing it is very useful!

If you want to discuss Magento (2) or anything related, just send me a message! Just talking about "how to do it the Magento way" might relieve some of the stress and lead to new solutions.


Thanks buddy!
Im getting there. I’m essentially alone here. We got a company In the Ukraine that we use and the engineer there helps me out when I get stuck. And it’s totally Magento 1.9. Not up to two yet.
I want to get good at this. But this is quite a learning curve! I was just getting good at laravel when that start up failed. I appreciate the offer!

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