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10 tools and resources you need to level up your programming career ( All free ) :

There are 10,000,000+ YouTube videos, Chrome extensions, and resources for coding.
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1. Scribe.

  • Writing up docs and how-to guides used to take up so much time, but not anymore!
  • Scribe creates auto-generated step-by-step guides, cutting down hours of work to minutes.
  • It’s a must-have tool if you’re working solo or in a team.

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2. Fireship.

  • This YT channel is a bit different to the others.
  • Jeff does an amazing job of explaining super complex stuff in an understandable way in seconds, not hours.
  • The production quality is killing.
  • Watching this channel will teach you so much.

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3. FreeCodeCamp.

  • freeCodeCamp is the ultimate free resource for learning and upskilling your programming skills.
  • Over 9,000+ tutorials.
  • Whatever skills or technology you’re looking to build, there’s sure to be a tutorial.

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4. Wappalyzer.

  • This is a personal fave of mine!
  • It’s helped me several times as a web developer and business owner.
  • Wappalyzer tells you the tech stack of any website.
  • This is a great asset if you want to stay on top of technology trends.

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5. Traversy Media Brad.

  • traversymedia has created web development courses for over a decade.
  • And he’s damn good at it too!
  • His YouTube channel is full of simple-to-understand crash courses on everything from beginner frontend to advanced backend.

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6. Official Documentation of whatever technology you’re learning.

  • This is a primary method of how professional software developers learn.
  • This is where you ultimately want to be.

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7. LeetCode.

  • LeetCode is arguably the best platform to practice technical interview questions.
  • Anytime you want to switch companies for a higher position or pay, you should be spending time here preparing for your technical interviews.

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8. Daily Dev.

  • Want to stay on top of the latest developer news?
  • dailydotdev chrome extension has you covered.
  • It even offers personalization so you get just what you’re looking for.
  • Currently used by over 150k devs, and growing.

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9. ProgrammingWithMosh.

  • Mosh has a wealth of experience and has transferred that into courses and content taking people from limited coding experience through to hirable software developers.
  • A lot devs have had fantastic outcomes learning from him.

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10. Harvard CS50 Courses.

  • Get Harvard education without the price tag (it’s free).
  • Deepen your knowledge in your current domain or expand your areas of expertise, and know that you’re getting information straight from top quality sources.

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Jon Snow

I think you forget to add democoding.