10 daily habits to increase your productivity

Duomly on December 09, 2019

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Its been six months at my first coding job , initially I enjoyed working at job , grabbing lot of junk food , caffeine everyday and totally ignorant toward my health . Then bad things started to happen , due to bad eating habbits and seating in bad posture for long hours I back started to pain . Then only after I realized that maintaining health is foremost.

Then after I started to eating healthy meals and started to workout and jog daily and from last month I am feeling more energitc ever .

One thing I like to take from this article is "NO SCREEN DAY" sometime i feel irritating in front of screen. Thanks @duomly for sharing this great artice


No problem, it really works! :)


Great read! I've been doing almost all of these but I've recently started with no screen days although sometimes I decide to try to "build" something in the garage and I end up having to go to pinterest to lookup some plans but if I plan a head good enough, I can print all that stuff out before hand. Music is also HUGE, I need my down tempo tracks while I work! Thanks for sharing.


Re: Reading. I don't read off a phone or tablet before bed either. However, in addition to actual books, dedicated e-readers that user e-ink don't have the drawbacks of the phone/tablet displays and are very much like reading on paper (I've had a few people disagree, but they've never used an e-ink reader, soooo... sticks out tongue).

The 8 hours of sleep, that I can rarely do. I have no problem falling asleep, but if I wake up around 3 or 4am and my problems pop up in my head, I'm toast.


As far as music goes. When I'm in flow, it doesn't matter what music I'm listening to. Then something snaps me out of it and I realized that SoundCloud has started giving me heavy dark synth or metal because that's what I listen to when off work. And I'm like "time to casually lower the volume a bit...."


Wow, I personally feel I should have that "No Screen Day" per week


Some people freak out when I go offline (i.e. I don't answer e-mails, texts, etc). They don't understand that I would go offline since I'm a computer guy.


Aha quite natural, actually the thought of it creeps me out nowadays, but I feel it is one of the essentials to see that side of life :D


Sleep 8h

laughs in parenthood

Good article though


Great tips for increasing productivity.


Thank you! Try to follow them :)


Thanks for sharing great article


You’re welcome, we are happy you like it!


"No screen day". That's a good idea. I will follow it.


Sleep faster. 4-6 hours are enough 😁😁😁


Sleep fast and break things.

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