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Ten easy Javascript projects with source code

When you think about the web's logic, it's nothing but Javascript.Javascript is a dynamic single threaded event driven interpreted programming language full of memes.

js memes

js memes 2

Javascript is very easy to learn but for beginner's it is quite tough.So either you are a beginner or intermediate you can pick any projects you like to learn js.The full source code of all ten projects can be found here
Name : Difficulty : Tools
1. ELECTION MAP[Beginner]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
2. LOGIN AUTHENTICATION[Intermediate]{Angular JS}
3. GUESS THE WORD[Intermediate]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
4. CHAT APP[Advanced]{React,Socket,Node}
5. TIC TAC TOE GAME[Intermediate]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
6. HOTEL BOOKING APP[Intermediate]{React}
7. GEOLOCATION[Beginner]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
8. MOVIE APP[Intermediate]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
9. PET RESCUE[Intermediate]{Vanilla HTML,CSS,JS}
10. NAME TAGS[Beginner]{React JS}

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