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I lost all of my projects

yet again...
A couple of weeks ago I started making a Fnaf type horror game with unique story and visuals and yesterday I finished my work.So alongside it ,there were other projects I didn't push to github and suddenly my hdd was beeping and the whole pc was frozen and I rebooted to see hdd not being detected ....
I tried as many things I could (except sending to a recovery center) and no results at last when I booted with live usb the disk was detected as 4 gigs(it is a 1 tb one tho).So I accepted that the disk is ded so with everything .
Any suggestions to recover my data?

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Any chance you could install Ubuntu on to a USB drive and boot up from that? Then, you should be able to access the data if the hard drive is still functioning. Here are the instructions for using Rufus to install Ubuntu to a USB drive:

Afterwards, if you plug in the USB into the computer and it doesn't boot from it or it doesn't show the menu to select USB as the boot device, then you'll need to change your BIOS settings to set the boot order so that it boots from the USB first.

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Tawhid Author

I tried that but disks utility detect that the hdd has 4 gigs only