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Discussion on: Agile and Scrum companies

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Thank you for your reply! I am about to do my psm-1 so I have been thinking quite black and white with what is and is not scrum, but I can see hybrid versions as a good stepping stone. Do you have an opinion on "the right way" to do hybrid / scrumfall?

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Alexandre Jacques

It's hard to say. The Scrum Guide (as you are studying to PSM-I) states that Scrum is not Scrum if you're not doing all its parts.

I like to think about agile methodologies as a whole, not only Scrum. A kanban board is nice to give transparency to things but, it's not a Scrum thing. XP has a lot of things in common with it and I think it's a nice approach to agile development but also, not Scrum.

As @miketalbot said, JIRA and Slack are tools that has no Scrum concepts but are widely used in agile teams.

Good luck on your exam. If you need any tips, feel free to ask (I'm PSM-I certified).