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React, Vue and Angular are stepping stones and imperfect visions that brought components to developers in a cohesive way for the first time. I don't think the problem is we don't have the entire developer pool writing components for a unified compatable component scheme; that's not really how the web works. All of these frameworks already have robust calendar components out there, but everyone has a different functional requirement when it comes to actually implementing a component like a calendar that beyond the bare-bones, adding more features is only going to annoy people by bloating their code and project complexity. Even if we were all writing the exact same code, like in standard programming languages, you never see people really get together and build the "grand calendar" program, you have 500 and each operates differently in some specialized way. So while it may be odd we're all currently segregated into different libraries, it's promoted incredible progress and feature adoption that the web standard will need exponentially more time to implement. A standard underlying component structure is fine, disliking everyone working on various libraries is against the fundamental nature of an open-source community.


In the end all these frameworks are plain old javascript and HTML and CSS

The browser HTML rendering engine does not understand reactjs components.

It only understands simple dom manipulation.

So we technically already targeting one platform it is called HTML and JS

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