Does your favorite language X

ducaale profile image Mohamed Dahir ・1 min read
  • has support for a repl?
  • can represent two types in one without too much hassle i.e sum type, union type?
  • has no null pointer exception?
  • can statically infer types?
  • has operator overloading?
  • can do recursion without blowing the stack?

If you nodded yes to all those questions then congratulations, you should keep using it.

If not, maybe you should take a look at reasonml which is an ocaml alternative syntax that mimics javascript language. You could also try its closer cousin F# which fixes some of the warts which you may encounter in ocaml/reasonml (using ./ for float division, tooling, etc).

The best way to learn a new language IMHO is to use it for solving a problem. Advent of code 2019 is publishing a new puzzle every day in December which you can solve in any language. I am currently using this opportunity to learn F# and so can you 😀.

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