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A paid Chrome version?

Google announces a paid version of Chrome, but who is it for?

In a bid to improve online security, Google has announced a new, paid version of its Chrome browser. Don't worry, it's not for you (yet?).

In fact, the Chrome Enterprise platform has just made official the launch of a paid version of the most popular web browser. Chrome Enterprise Premium, as it's called, is aimed at all professionals who want to put security at the heart of their concerns.

The standard vs. premium version of Chrome

In concrete terms, Chrome Enterprise Core is an optimized version of Chrome, incorporating various additional protection and security tools compared to the standard version. The latter is free of charge and is aimed at businesses.

For businesses, Google offers two versions of Chrome, one free, the other paid.

With Chrome Enterprise Premium, Google wants to go one step further. The new paid version offers the same basic functions, but includes a number of special features, such as improved malware detection, URL filtering, document sharing and data loss prevention.

Google Enterprise Premium is priced at $6 per month, per user.

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