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Announcing Ghostfolio 2.0

Since late 2020, when Ghostfolio took shape, the main goal has remained the same: to simplify investment tracking while prioritizing user privacy and enable investors to make informed decisions. Our journey so far has been incredible, with over 300 releases since the first major release, close to 300’000 pulls on Docker Hub, and collaboration with 50+ contributors from around the globe. Ghostfolio was recently featured on Hacker News, where it ranked on the front page and briefly hit the #1 spot. Shortly after, the project’s repository was trending on GitHub. These achievements emphasize the growing recognition for our project and the path we are on.

Now, we are thrilled to present Ghostfolio 2.0, another milestone in our journey to empower investors.

Introducing Ghostfolio 2.0

Ghostfolio 2.0 is the evolution of our open source wealth management software, elevating both user and developer experiences. We have extended data import capabilities, added comprehensive analytics, increased stability, and utilized the latest technology to deliver these improvements. Here is a closer look at a selection of the improvements you can expect from this release, alongside uncounted smaller additions and enhancements.

Extended Data Import Capabilities

Importing account activities is an important aspect of any portfolio management software. With Ghostfolio 2.0, we have extended our data import functionality, ensuring a seamless experience for users. Our system supports multiple formats to make the experience more seamless. Additionally, there is an API, providing you with even greater flexibility and control over how you import transactions.

Comprehensive Analytics

Understanding your wealth is key. The latest release offers more comprehensive analytics to categorize your securities, providing invaluable insights into your investment portfolio for making informed decisions and optimizing diversification.

Reliable Stability

Ensuring the stability of software is crucial, and a platform for managing your wealth is no exception. The increased robustness of our architecture means that you can count on Ghostfolio to be there when you need it most, no matter the market conditions.

Cutting-Edge Technology Stack

Ghostfolio 2.0 leverages the latest tech stack to deliver a superior user and developer experience. We have upgraded to Angular 16, Nest.js 10, Prisma 5, and Nx 16, ensuring that the software is at the forefront of innovation. This upgrade allows us to provide you with the best possible user experience, making investment tracking more intuitive than ever before.

Thriving Ghostfolio Community

In open source software (OSS) projects like Ghostfolio, the community is the driving force behind its success. Without the incredible support of our users and contributors, it would not have been possible. As we celebrate the launch of Ghostfolio 2.0, we are delighted to showcase the growth of the Ghostfolio community:

  • Ghostfolio has accumulated 2500+ stars on GitHub, highlighting the appreciation and adoption of our platform by the community.
  • Our Slack community has expanded to over 350 members, creating a space for like-minded investors to connect, share insights, and collaborate.
  • On X (formerly Twitter), over 300 investors and personal finance enthusiasts follow Ghostfolio, keen to stay updated on the latest developments.

This is just the beginning. Ghostfolio is dedicated to ongoing improvement and helping grow a vibrant community of investors. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Join our Slack community: Connect with fellow investors, share your insights, and stay updated on the latest news by joining our Slack community. It is a dynamic space where you can learn, collaborate, and grow together with us.

Follow us on X: For release updates and market insights, follow Ghostfolio on X. It is the perfect place to stay informed and connect with our team.

Give us a Star: If you have found value in Ghostfolio or appreciate our commitment to simplifying investment tracking, please consider giving us a star on GitHub. Your support helps us reach a wider audience and make a difference in the world of wealth management.

Become a contributor: If you are a developer passionate about open source projects and personal finance, we welcome your contributions. Join our developer community, collaborate with like-minded people, and help shape the future of Ghostfolio.

Ghostfolio 2.0 represents a major step forward in our mission to empower investors, and we could not be more excited about the future of the project. Together, we can build an outstanding tool that makes our lives easier. Thank you for being a part of the Ghostfolio community.

Thomas from Ghostfolio

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