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Test your frontend knowledge with this little fun quiz

dtinth profile image Thai Pangsakulyanont ・2 min read

In February 2019, I created this little quiz for a Code in the Dark event1 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Now I’m making this quiz available online.

This quiz tests for general knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as topics related to frontend development such as colors, typography and animation. It does not include JavaScript though.

It’s just for fun and is not indicative of skill (even skilled developers may get only half of them correct) but rather experience2.

Here is it (direct link to quiz):

I created this quiz while I was preparing to run the 3rd Code in the Dark event in Thailand.

I recalled that in the past events, many people would register as an observer (not a contestant), even though I see them as very good developers. When I asked why, some friends said that they are not confident enough to compete.

So in the 3rd event I changed the registration process. Now everyone registered as a participant, and before each round, we’d run a quiz and offer the top scorers a chance to be a contestant in that round.

This way, the truly skilled and experienced would get a better chance to compete, regardless of their self-confidence. That’s also why the quiz is separated into 3 rounds — people who did not make it in the first round are given 2 more chances.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!

  1. It is a competition where contestants are asked to create a webpage according to the design within 15 minutes. Contestants must stay in text editor the whole time and no preview is allowed. 

  2. I wouldn’t expect anyone to memorize all the little things. However, with experience, the chance of recalling obscure details increase. It’s like how one may have been doing web design and development for so long that at one point they realized they now posses the ability to mix RGB colors in their head. Anyways, this quiz would be a very bad way to assess someone’s web development skills. 

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Not a frontend developer at all, mostly fullstack/back, but it's a funny quiz. Except guessing colors and fonts maybe.