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Discussion on: Haskell as a first timer - Am I missing something ?

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Dominik Schrempf

Hi! I am a big fan of Haskell, and I can confirm, the language is developing fast, and there are improvements coming around every other week even. However, I have to deeply agree with your points. They are a bit direct, I would say, but true. In particular, I am very concerned about libraries without active maintainers, and about the state of the documentation of non-standard libraries.

I think one of the reasons for these problems is the way Hackage works. Stuff that gets into Hackage stays in Hackage, even when it is abandoned. I know, deprecation warnings can be added, but who does that? Hardly anybody. This must lead to libraries floating around in nimbo, and that is what we are experiencing.

On the other hand, it is very easy to judge, and hard to improve, and we are all volunteers.