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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #266 - Who Likes It?

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Hayden Mankin
let likes = ([a, b, ...c]) => c.length > 1 ? `${a}, ${b} and ${c.length} others like this` : c.length ? `${a}, ${b} and ${c[0]} like this` : b ? `${a} and ${b} like this` : a ? `${a} likes this` : `no one likes this`;

console.log(likes([])); // no one likes this
console.log(likes(["Peter"])); // Peter likes this
console.log(likes(["Jacob", "Alex"])); // Jacob and Alex like this
console.log(likes(["Max", "John", "Mark"])); // Max, John and Mark like this
console.log(likes(["Alex", "Jacob", "Mark", "Max"])); // Alex, Jacob and 2 others like this