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Get App, stand app!

Hi there! I’ve coded a quotes generator on the field of programming as a training subject... The engine is based on a simple page that returns quotes randomly with some HTML5, CSS and Vanilla.js implementation …I don’t know if it must be more efficient, but it works well for that purpose.

Not only returning quotes, I ‘have added a Twitter share button that opens a pre filled input text in a pop up (quote text + tags + page link), like originals Twitter buttons do usually using meta properties (not in my case)… I’ve also added a CSS transition between quotes when a user asks for a new quote.

During the engine construction, I realized that it was a nice experience to be exposed to and read all the quotes and dive into it, kind of meditative way of coding something… So, I decided to share it with you as social experimentation, thinking to myself: “Hey! It would make sense if other concerned people could enjoy adding quotes to the list, read them, and dive into it like I did!”

Anyway, at the actual state of its development, the engine can’t be really called “Application”, no form added, and a simple JS object to store the data, so, at that point, you can’t post anything but!

Feel free to request for new quotes - that make sense to you - using the form bellow this article, so that, I’ll be able to add them to the database witch is not a database. You can also open pull requests directly using the related GitHub repository which is a nice way to add quotes too...

Thank you all for reading, sharing, comment or participate!


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