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Drew Town
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Favorite Git Interactive Tutorials or Videos?

I'm looking for some well done interactive git tutorials or video series for a co-worker. Does anyone have any they particularly liked?

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Tobi Obeck

Learning git branches is an educational game that interactively teaches the most important stuff. I stumbled over it when looking through Sindresorhus' awesome repository (btw a nice resource as well

Learn git concepts, not commands is a really well received post here on measured by the amount of likes and interactions.

Git & GitHub Crash Course For Beginners will get you going in 30 minutes.
Brad (@traversymedia ) is always a safe bet when learning anything code related:

These two links might also be of help:
github cheat sheet

I have somehow managed to only peek at these resources myself. Too much to learn, to little time. 😅🤷


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Drew Town Author

This is great! Thank you so much.

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Victoria Crawford

I am going to second the link to

This resource helped me understand what was happening behind the scenes.

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Chirag Joshi

Highly recommend watching this:

It assumes you have some basic familiarity with git commands, and explains what the commands are actually doing internally.