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Mac: bluetooth reset via terminal

I love my Logitech MX Master mouse because I have it programmed to 3 PCs and I can switch with the simple press of a hardware button. However, sometimes the mouse bluetooth connection to my Mac gets lost and I'm forced to either plug in a new mouse or remove my Mac from its dock (its under my desk) which is a hassle. Thanks to a little research and some good old fashioned unix tools, I have an ez solution! Simply put, this solution will quickly reset your Mac's bluetooth. For me this was enough to grab the mouse again.


Install blueutil: brew install blueutil

Map reset command: alias bt_reset="blueutil -p 0 && sleep 1 && blueutil -p 1"

Set that alias wherever you manage your aliases. I have mine set to ~/.alias which is sourced by ~/.zshrc.


When you need to run this you may find that your terminal is inaccessible. Here are some keyboard shortcuts to help:

Start a terminal: command + space bar, then type terminal

Restore a minimized terminal: command + tab(hold tab), when you have selected the terminal, press up arrow then space bar. Now your terminal is selected~

Run the reset: just type bt_reset and boom! You've found your mouse

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Nicholas Lediet

Thanks so much for this! I recently moved from Ubuntu to a Mac and needed an osx solution for my Bluetooth reset alias I had on Linux.