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About a month ago I wrote an article on an issue I had run into a few times and the solution I eventually came up with.

By 'came up' with I mean:

  • review various documentation
  • read numerous articles
  • search StackOverflow for similar issues
  • then compile everything I've read/learned into a single place where I or anyone else could access the information.

What resulted was my take on all of these sources put together and tested in a few of my personal and work apps.

Since I had worked on the problem for sometime and used countless resources I didn't think to include a credit section in the article. But recently someone left a comment on my article saying I should give credit to another article with extremely similar code to what I used and that was posted well before mine. Interestingly enough, I did not come across this article when I was working on my original solution. So, if I did have a credit section, I wouldn't credit that particular article but it did raise an interesting question.

When should I include links to other articles, docs, or StackOverflow questions I used in researching my problem?

Naturally, if my solution is pulled directly from or heavily influenced by 1 or 2 other articles I would state that but in this case the 'credit' section would end up looking something like this:

(this is just based on my browser history as far back as it will go)

Which seems... excessive and would also mean that everything I write from here on out would need links to every article, SO question, or doc I've read on the topic. I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due and not receive comment essentially accusing me of stealing someone else's article. I guess I just don't know when my code starts being mine and stops being a culmination of everything I've learned or read.

What do you think? When do you include a 'credit' section and what sources do you include in it?

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