First Developer Conference, Suggestions?

drbragg profile image Drew Bragg ・1 min read

I'm attending my first develop conference next week, RailsConf in Pittsburgh. I'm pretty excited because the ruby community is always talked about as being so awesome. Anyone have any tips on making the most of my first conference? Anyone else going?


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Can't wait to see you at Railsconf. The Ruby community is awesome.

Don't try to maximize your experience by meeting everyone and doing every event you can. Just have fun and know there will be a lot going on and you can't see/do it all.

Get plenty of sleep!


Looking forward to meeting you too! I'm really excited about the conference and about meeting the people behind these awesome apps


Go see @ben 's talk!

  • Figure out your goal (i.e. Networking -- look up who's speaking/attending, do some quick research on them and make it a point to speak to them!, or if you're looking to Blog More -- take notes during a talk and use that as an outline for an article)

  • Don't forget company swag or business cards if that's something you need to have with you! I always forget 😳

  • Have fun!