Dev.to is presenting Hacktoberfest?!

drbragg profile image Drew Bragg ・1 min read

I just saw the Hacktoberfest pre-lauch site and noticed that the DEV logo was there!

dev logo

This awesome! Congrats to Ben and the team!!

I can't wait for Hacktoberfest!


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Yep 🙂

All @peter 's initiative to make this happen.


I was overjoyed to see this as well. It's amazing how far this community has come since its inception.


AWESOOOOOOME. Can't wait to join this year. Last year I forgot to request for a shirt HAHAHA oh well


That's ok, this year's shirt looks waaay cooler! 😎


Fact! The logo is so awesome this year!

The logo from two years ago was pretty cool too but this years is great!


Got a shirt last year !