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re: Hi @drbragg , first of all, thanks for your constructive criticism and for taking the time to look into Booster; I think you hit the nail in many i...

Booster is definitely a very different architecture than Rails, which is why I felt compelled to respond when Rails was used as a comparison framework. It's like comparing how effective a screwdriver is verses a hammer for putting a screw in a piece of wood. Booster is built to easily build this example where Rails is not. I would love to see it stacked against other node based frameworks or against something else in the serverless world like Go.

Booster is an extremely cool project and I'll definitely being following its development.

Thanks for your kind words, we're always looking to keep improving Booster, and conversations like this are very useful for us! If you try it, feel free to send some issues with questions, suggestions, or feature requests!

@j2rguez is a great Rails engineer that we've been trying to "evangelize" into Booster for a while, and I can't hide that seeing him writing this article and defending Booster over his favorite framework makes me happy, but yes! Booster and Rails are very different projects that are hard to compare. Indeed a purely CRUD application is likely to look way simpler in Rails, but this is still a good exercise to understand how Booster compares to existing frameworks.

As a new framework that's trying to find its place, there's a recurrent question from devs that look at it for the first time: how does it compare to my current framework, and why should I consider switching or doing my next project in Booster?

Seeing the same application implemented in both frameworks is a good starting point to answer that question, but this example only explores one subset of everything that Rails can do, and probably not the best one. It would be interesting to see an article written with the opposite approach, starting with an app that fits well in Rails to see how Booster copes with it, I bet we'd find a lot of interesting ideas for future releases!

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