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What is shell 0x00 basic project?

The "Shell 0x00" project, also known as the "Simple Shell" project, is a programming project commonly assigned in computer science courses and bootcamps that focuses on creating a simple Unix shell program in the C programming language.

A Unix shell is a command-line interface that allows users to interact with the operating system by executing commands and programs. The "Shell 0x00" project typically requires students to write a C program that can read input commands from the user, parse the input, and execute the corresponding programs or commands.

The "Shell 0x00" project is typically divided into several stages or milestones, each of which adds more functionality to the shell program. Some of the basic features that may be included in the initial stages of the project include:

  • Reading user input and displaying a prompt
  • Parsing user input to separate commands and arguments
  • Executing basic commands such as "cd" and "exit"
  • Handling errors and displaying error messages
  • More advanced features, such as piping, redirection, and background processes, may be included in later stages of the project.

Overall, the "Shell 0x00" project is a valuable learning experience for students who want to improve their understanding of Unix systems and low-level programming concepts in C.
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