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Discussion on: Were you born to be a developer?

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I don't think people are born for a certain type of profession. Usually the terms "born to be" and "some profession" goes in the same sentence, but people are actually differing in their overall mindset and the way they tackle problems and challenges. It is also fair to note that things which are interesting and are fun to do, are the things that we tend to get good at from an early age. I started programming from a very early age and it was really exciting for me to code. But I was also easily impressed with a lot of things, just like you so over the years I tried a lot of things that were fun, interesting and most important of all: Suited my mindset and way of thinking. In the last 5 years tho I decided to shift all my focus on development and programming and it is safe to say that I am doing very well. So your "Jack of all trades" way of doing things is not actually saying that you are "not born" for something. You just have a lot of priorities and did not spent enough of your attention on a certain thing ( like programming ).