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Design happens in mind first even for Softwares

People think that they can directly jump into creation of softwares, some of them get success in lot many things, some get terrible failures and most of the time we end up rewriting it 2–3 times in a decade. As human we evolve over the period of million years and reach to the state we are living today but software engineering is not even a century old. No worries we have accumulated many experiences, through which we have developed various patterns which helps us to create many success stories for writing robust, scalable and maintainable code in first go. Here I am planning to jot down my experience of following the things to keep in mind while designing the software.

Design has more prominent role in anything as you can add blocks based on the designs but changing the design later needs a lot of rework. I have no experience in writing blogs, my way of writing might be a little off but I will try to share the knowledge accumulated over decade.

I am planning to post a series of blogs, frequency not decided yet for now this is random you might get multiple posts in a day or not get even a single post in a week. It will totally depends on the time I will get but I will make sure not to dis continue the series unless 50 posts or 52, what you say… [You can comment down].

It is just a cover for the articles coming under this series. Let's roll out, fasten up the seat belts and enjoy the ride of learning. Hope I will help you to level up from where you are now. Be interactive with your feedbacks so that we can evolve as needed.


PS - I will keep adding URLs for upcoming blogs on this as an index page, if this allow to edit post publishing and caching won't create issues you can bookmark the page. Otherwise you people are champ on this platform can help me getting some better way.


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