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MLOps project setup: Airbyte - Supabase connection

Access the Airbyte web interface with default creds airbyte password.

  1. Create a new source using Sample Data (Faker).
  2. Leave default values or customize it to your own taste.
  3. Test and save.

Sample Data (Faker) source

  1. Create a new Postgres destination.
  2. Leave default values as they are and those blank text boxes fill 'em up with db info from supabase step.
  3. You can find DB password text box in optional fields.
  4. Test and save.

Postgres destination

  1. Setup the connection between the source and destination.
  2. Wait for the job to run and the db to be populated.

Airbyte connection

Once it runs go to supabase dashboard and double check the inserted data.

Supabase table editor

Kudos man, now you have working (fake) data.

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