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Attend a FREE Frontend Coding Conference!

downtowndev profile image Andrew Sverdrup Updated on ・1 min read

I recently heard about a free online conference for web developers called backendlessconf_. It's hosted by ZEIT ( and their CEO Guillermo Rauch will be speaking at it along with many others. I heard a great talk from Guillermo Rauch a few weeks ago at the GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco, so I'm looking forward to attending a conference that he has helped put together.

The conference is happening next Saturday December 14th (2019). You can register for it (for FREE!) here:

This will be my first online conference so I'm not sure how it will compare to an in-person conference. If you've attended an online conference before I'd love to know what you thought of it (and what conference it was). Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences!


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