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How are you keeping in touch with your team while working from home?

downey profile image Tim Downey ・1 min read

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Over these past few months, COVID has turned many of us into remote employees for the first time. This is quite a change for those used to working colocated with their teams from a busy office.

No more group lunches with coworkers, ping pong breaks, or serendipitous chit-chat. Without these things it can be tougher to bond or build camaraderie.

  • What are some techniques or activities that you or your team has started doing to make up for this?

  • If you were already working as part of a distributed team before all of this, what has been working for you?


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The team I'm on was already distributed with half of us in Santa Monica and the other half in San Francisco. So we were pretty good about being "remote first" with meetings and retros. However our breaks were mostly spent with folks from our "home" office playing ping pong or going out for boba tea.

Since we're all working remote now, we've started having a daily afternoon "tea time" where we all hop on a Zoom and play quick multiplayer games such as Jackbox trivia games.

We've also attended virtual conferences "together", but having a running commentary going over Slack.

Super interested in hearing what other folks have been doing!