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Discussion on: Do you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)?

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Doug Day • Edited on

I think it only gets annoying when you ask the same questions again and again. This tells me that you were using me as a crutch rather than as a teacher.

Otherwise, I love it when developers ask me questions. I can help them find the best ways to solve problems, helping them learn from my mistakes.

So, the problem isn't asking questions at all. The problem is asking me the same question more than once (usually in a slightly different form or situation).

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Dave van Herten

This is good advice in general. With how much there is to know in development I find I'm a senior and a junior all rolled up in one depending on the topic.

So I guess my point is don't forget this when you start to feel like a senior in one area. It still applies for the areas you are not as strong in.

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Patric Trollope

Spot on. Also, if you have source code to work from, read it first,then you can ask relevant questions related to the work.

If you haven't bothered to try and read the code, you will have no context, you will have put in any effort and you would not have had the opportunity to learn from others code.

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While I'm new to web development, I spent 10 years in hospitality. This encapsulates what I told many new employees. "There's no dumb questions the first time."

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Adnan Rahić

This has to be the single best explanation of how to behave as a junior dev I've ever read.

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TENsaga • Edited on

As a new Jr. Dev who asks the odd question (and tries to ask as few as possbile), this makes me feel much better. Thank you!

I take a lot of notes, anything that I ask or lookup myself I write down to review later.

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Doug Day

:) The main thing is that you've demonstrated you're putting in your side of the work to learn. If you're putting in the work and your senior developer is still annoyed, they are the problem, not you.