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Douglas Makey Mendez Molero
Douglas Makey Mendez Molero

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Java died for Android ?

After Google I/O what do you think that happen with Java ?

I read a lot articles about the event and each article said that Google only spoken about Kotlin.

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Jonathan Lacanlale

I wouldn't necessarily call it dead, but I would definitely call it/predict a decline. With languages like Flutter+Dart and Kotlin, Android dev is just (objectively) more enjoyable without the use of Java.

I personally would think that Java on Android would continue because a lot of students generally learn Java first (as a result of academia). When those students want to try exploring, it'd sometimes make sense to hop into Android since they'd have the necessary background to build upon, rather than starting from a clean slate.

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Ben Halpern

Typically the rumors of any language's demise are greatly exaggerated. Even if Java is on the way out, I'd hardly think of it as anything close to dead.

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They recently renamed the enterprise edition to Jakarta EE:

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Robert Rex ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

There are a lot of rumors about Learning Java programming language in 2018 while new programming languages are also launched in Market such as python. It is my personal opinion that technologies can't disregard the influence of Java because of it Multithres capability, Fast and effective memory location techniques and bulletproof security.

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Mark Smith

Agreed with your information, We are also working on Python.

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Both programming languages are outstanding and love both, but I prefer Java for developing robust software like Here Live Chat app ( for business owners.

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I think the Kotlin is the future. This is what one of my friends at was telling me.