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Douglas Makey Mendez Molero
Douglas Makey Mendez Molero

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ChatGPT-ChromaDB for BG3: A Generative AI Learning Adventure!

In recent weeks, I've been delving into GenAI while also enjoying the fantastic game Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). For a bit of fun and learning, I thought: why not combine the two? The result? A ChatGPT game assistant for BG3 🎮✨ using OpenAI + VectorDB. Learning and gaming—sometimes they just go hand in hand!

I'm using ChatGPT as the LLM and BAAI/bge-base-en as the embedding model. I'm currently experimenting with prompts to achieve better results!

Simple demo

As I mentioned, this is just a fun side project very generic and simple but using BG3 data for entertainment while I am learning about Gen-AI.

If you have any cool tips, improvements, or suggestions for better prompts, I'm all ears! 😄

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