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Cover image for (cXc)'s Creator Rewards Token 🎸 Info on 🟣  $PURPLE ~ April 17, 2021 Noon GMT πŸ“…

(cXc)'s Creator Rewards Token 🎸 Info on 🟣 $PURPLE ~ April 17, 2021 Noon GMT πŸ“…

dougbutner profile image Douglas Butner ・4 min read

$PURPLE's unique tokenomic model rewards creators daily for co-creating on (receiving Ups), whilst directing traffic to streams on paying services.

Learn more about PURPLE

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PURPLE's initial release starts April 17, 2021 on Alcor

Because of the very limited supply of PURPLE, ascending pricing + time-limited sell orders will be used to ensure that everyone has a chance to acquire the PURPLE they need to benefit fully from There are no per-account limits on purchases.

PURPLE Utility: Digital Advertising Gold

What can you do with PURPLE?

PURPLE can be staked for daily Blu Ups (or BLUX) to a piece of content; a rare form of digital advertising purchase that allows someone to buy once and hold continual attention for all of time. This attention means huge value, particularly to independent creators and creative organizations such as independent labels and artist collectives.

Furthermore, PURPLE need only be unstaked for the holder to receive back the same amount of tokens. This means an artist can advertise their art and meanwhile hold something of increasing utility as each future mapp is released, and future uses of PURPLE are announced.

Today Musicians, Tomorrow All Creators

PURPLE has a unique utility for musicians, as cXc Music is the first mapp, but this utility will expand to all creators and creative collectives when cXc Video, cXc Photo, cXc Scribe, cXc Art + more mapps are available.

Initial Sell Orders

Starting 4/17/2021, 1/12th of the 1/12 Max Supply designated for sale will be listed with pricing starting at 20 WAX per PURPLE.

These sell orders will be offered one at a time, with a one week gap between each listing starting after the previous listing's completion.

Tokens for Sale: 1/12 Max Supply or 126 (2,985,984), issued + offered 125 (248,832) at a time. Here's how we'll price the April 17th tokens.

Price 🟣 PURPLE Available
20 WAX 3,190 (April 17, Noon GMT)
21 WAX 6,380 (TBD)
22 WAX 9,570
23 WAX 12,760
24 WAX 15,950
25 WAX 19,140
26 WAX 22,330
27 WAX 25,520
28 WAX 28,710
29 WAX 31,900
33 WAX 35,090
36 WAX 38,280

Liquidity Promise

Of the first 1,000,000 WAX raised by the direct listing of PURPLE, no less than 500,000 WAX will serve as liquidity on Alcor exchange and DeFi swap.


WAX earned will be used to pay for all end-user transactions on, and also purchase RAM for our records and accounts who interact with our tokens, mapps, and NFTs.

Remaining Proceeds from the listing will go towards development of, including the final 1.0.0 release of cXc Music, native mobile apps, and the creation of other mapps like cXc Video, cXc Art, cXc Ideas, cXc Pueblo and more. Funds will also pay for all other cXc operational costs, employees, promotion, events, etc. cXc will publish a running list of expenses with corresponding transactions on Github.

cXc spending transactions are inherently transparent and can be tracked here: dplug4purple and here currentxchng.

Requirements & Restrictions

Participating in the direct listing requires that you adhere and agree to the requirements, restrictions, terms and conditions laid out in and


Current X Change is dedicated to harmonizing Humans, Collectives, and Gaia. Our media Mapps are just the start. As we refine Purple, we also seek to redefine what it means to come together as humans and co-create. We hope you'll enjoy the tools already here, and are infinitely stoked for what the future holds.

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