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Discussion on: Why Do Developers Prefer Linux?

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Doug Schwartz

The more correct title is "Why do developers prefer Linux over Windows?". I wouldn't make the same claim over Mac, as I see it as the preferred platform for many (most? how does one know?).

Let's see what the numbers are on the latest Stack Overflow survey. According to

62% use Windows personally
49% use Windows professionally

40% use Linux personally
40% use Linux professionally

31% use Macs personally
33% use Macs professionally

Perhaps the best title for your article should be "Why I prefer Linux over Windows"

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Joseph Mania Author

Got you, Thanks for the source

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Patrice Gauthier

Surprising results considering the number of companies forcing you to use Macs.

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Ediongsenyene Joseph

Good point. But I think a good number of older developers rarely participate in this survey. I think mostly newbies do participate in it.

This is just my observation.

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Joseph Mania Author

Sure, it will be good if they bring part of their side