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Discussion on: Should You Listen to Music While Programming?

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Leesa Ward • Edited on

I used to struggle without any music but I think that was because of other environmental factors. These days, I find music in the office irritating, probably because I don't have complete control over it - I do have some, but others get to choose what to play too of course... and at what volume (the latter is particularly a problem if I choose to put headphones on to at least listen to something I prefer - but may have to have it too loud to drown out the other music).

When working on something really interesting that requires a lot of concentration I usually prefer silence, but if it's something, well, boring, then music or something else to listen to can help eliminate distractions.

I echo what others have said about classical or other lyric-free music being helpful. When I'd prefer silence but can't have it, this is definitely the way to go.

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Claudio Bernasconi Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leesa. You might want to take a look at noise canceling headphones. They should help to listen to music to a volume level you're feeling comfortable but at the same time eliminate outside environmental noise.