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AssemblyLift: Dev Update & License Change

AssemblyLift is getting verrrry close to its first 'useable' release! Being unstable, versioning will start at 0.1 according to semver.

Ultimately I wanted to wait until the CLI got to a point where it could be used for 'core' tasks; initialization, building, and deploying. There's an issue up on Github here that gives a more detailed overview of how asml will manage your projects.

The CLI bundles and piggy-backs off of Terraform for managing infrastructure, however it shouldn't be necessary to know any Terraform to use AssemblyLift!

License Change

I originally published AssemblyLift under the Apache 2.0 license.

In advance of the 0.1 release, I have changed the source license to The Hippocratic License 2.1. This license was created by Coraline Ehmke, who also authored the Contributor Covenant 'code of conduct' which is now quite popular on Github.

In practical terms, I am skeptical of how much power a license such as this actually has in terms of limiting the use of the code by those who would use it for abuse.

However, I think it's important to draw attention to the fact that software is not politically neutral. Software is written and/or repurposed all the time by people and institutions with less-than-pure intentions. When you build software that (you hope) lets small teams do big things quickly, I believe that comes with a responsibility to ensure that the power you delivered is not weaponized. This is especially true of open-core development, I think, since we are are not able to accomplish this by simply choosing not to sell to a particular individual. It is out in the world for all, from indie dev to corrupt nation-state.


If you're still reading and you have comments on anything I've discussed, I'd love to hear it :)

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