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The .NET Core Podcast Episode 31 - The Liberal Arts and Levelling Up Your Career with Thomas Betts

Hey everyone!

Episode 31 of The .NET Core Podcast was released a few days ago. But, as usual, I wanted to create some show notes for it which are specific to

As a quick reminder, The .NET Core Podcast is the only podcast devoted to:

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • EF Core
  • SignalR

and not forgetting The .NET Core community, itself.

I wont make you browse over to the show notes page

because I'm not the boss of you

because I'll add a specific player here:

play pause The .NET Core Podcast

This was an exceptionally wonderful conversation with Thomas Betts about the ways that you can increase your ability to communicate with your clients by studying the Liberal Arts, we also talk about the use of metaphor

I particularly love one he uses which is related to coffee shops

in getting the core idea of how the project should work across to your clients. We also talk about strategies for when your boss comes to you and says:

I've heard of this great new technology, and I want you to build our next mission critical application with it.

The full show notes and a transcription are available at the show's website

here's a link directly to the show notes

I'd love any and all feedback that you can provide on the show, this episode, or anything related to it.

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