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The .NET Docs Show: Data & .NET

David Pine
2x Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, and Twilio Champion who works in DevRel at Microsoft. International speaker, blogger, open source contributor, and approachable developer community advocate.
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In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Julie Lerman (@julielerman, Microsoft MVP) discusses Entity Framework (EF). Entity Framework is an object-relational mapper (O/RM) from Microsoft. As part of this week's #CheckUp, we shared a Microsoft Learn module - Persist and retrieve relational data with Entity Framework Core.

The #HallwayTrack was amazingly entertaining this week, and we learned firsthand about "the Julie effect"! We couldn't stop laughing when talking about "gifs", clearly pronounced 'gif, we searched live on the show, yeah - it's a must watch 👀. We shared that even experts Google things, and that's ok. Julie answered many questions from our very engaged audience - for that, I'm grateful 🙏🏽.

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Sean G. Wright

Great episode! Always enjoy Julie's insights.