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The .NET Docs Show: An accessibility audit of .NET Blazor with Chris DeMars

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Continuing our recent theme on The .NET Docs Show of discussing Blazor - we had an amazing show focusing on Web Accessibility. Blazor is a framework for building interactive client-side web UI with .NET!

In this episode, Chris DeMars (Microsoft MVP) exemplifies best practices for considering web accessibility in the real-world. We put our https://dotnetdocs.dev website under a full accessibility audit, and learned about ways to improve our rating using Lighthouse, Axe extensions, and constrast-ratio. We learned about numeronyms, and various ways to develop empathetically with a user-first mindset. Chris said it best, "accessibility is a must"! We also got to experience what our site might look like to someone with a visual disability using Spectrum.

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As promised, this is the Chris and Dave origin story pic:

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