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Let's Learn .NET - Blazor Hybrid - July 28th 2022 - Free Live Stream Event

Let's Learn .NET is a monthly beginner series that walks through the fundamentals of using C# and .NET. This month, we are looking at Blazor Hybrid and how to use it to build hybrid apps for desktop and mobile with .NET MAUI completely in C# using modern web technologies.

In a Blazor Hybrid app, Razor components run natively on the device. Components render to an embedded Web View control through a local interop channel. Components don't run in the browser, and WebAssembly isn't involved. Razor components load and execute code quickly, and components have full access to the native capabilities of the device through the .NET platform. Join us as we explore Blazor Hybrid together!


Thursday, July 28th at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific


Streaming live for FREE on Microsoft Learn TV or on YouTube. Sign-in, ask questions, and learn how to start building accessible apps.


Come learn something new and leave with something that we all built, together, live with experts. Here is the agenda for the event:

Introductions (5 mins):

  • Meet the team!

Fundamentals (20 mins):

  • Blazor Hybrid 101
    • What is Blazor?
    • What is Blazor Hybrid
    • What is .NET MAUI
  • Pre-requisites & installation

Workshop (60 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

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