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Let's Learn .NET - Web API - Free Live Stream Event

James Montemagno
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Let's Learn .NET is a new monthly beginner series that walks through the fundamentals of using C# and .NET. This month, jumpstart your experience building Web APIs with .NET! Come learn about what Web APIs are, why you need them, and how to build them with C# and ASP.NET Core. This fun, beginner's series will teach you all about the fundamentals of everyday technologies and how you can master them using C# and .NET.


Friday, February 26th at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific


Streaming live for FREE on Microsoft Learn TV. Sign-in, ask questions, and learn how to build Web APIs with C# live.


Come learn something new and leave with something that we all built, together, live with experts. Here is the agenda for the event:

Introductions (5 mins):

  • Meet the team!

Fundamentals (10 mins):

  • Pre-requisites & installation
  • Why are Web APIs important?

Workshop I (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Workshop II (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Open Discussion (10 mins):

  • Let's discuss the learnings and what else is on your mind.

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APIs are essential for serving data to your applications. Complete the modules in the Let's Learn .NET - Web API challenge to get started creating, consuming and publishing API apps. New to C#? We've also included some starter content related to .NET development with C#.

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