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Have you tried ML.NET?

ML.NET is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework made for .NET developers.

Using ML.NET you can easily build custom machine learning models for scenarios like sentiment analysis, price prediction, sales forecasting, recommendation, image classification, and more.

ML.NET 1.0 was released at //Build 2019, and since then the team has been working hard on adding more features and capabilities.

Through the survey below, we would love to get feedback on how we can make your journey to infuse Machine Learning in your apps easier with .NET.

Help shape and improve ML.NET for your needs by taking the short survey below!

Take the survey!

Originally posted by Bri Achtman at Hey .NET! Have you tried ML.NET?

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Daniel Barwikowski

I don't have a lot of experience in ML but I think I can try to fit it into my page. The hardest part is to get training data IMO

dyagzy profile image

I am new to Data Science or ML but I have a strong background in C# DotNet, I need beginner friendly materials to learn ML.Net any recommendations? Especially if it is project based an not just random explanations.