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Exploring Blazor, or C# and .NET in the Browser without Plug-ins

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There’s been a ton of buzz in the .NET community lately around 🔥 Blazor. Unlike many hyped technologies however, Blazor seems to have earned the attention. It earned it in part by delivering a solution that gives C# developers what they want but doing so in a way that relied on open web standards. In this session, I go deeper into what Blazor is, how it works and how you can use it to build web apps.

Access the full source code for all demos here:

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Blazor and WebAssembly examples (part of a Blazor presentation)

Blazor and WebAssembly

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This repository contains samples for a presentation about using C# and .NET in the browser using WebAssembly with Blazor.

Get Started with Blazor

👋🏻 Introduction/Overview of Blazor

🔪 Intro to Razor Components

This repository is continuously built and deployed using free Azure Pipelines. If you're interested in how it was setup and configured to build automatically and deploy to low cost Azure Storage Static Websites, read Deploy WebAssembly from GitHub to Azure Storage Static Websites with Azure Pipelines.


🎦 You can download the related PowerPoint presentation here.

To see how Blazor compares to other SPA frameworks like Angular, read: Angular vs. Blazor.


This section contains step-by-step instructions to execute each of the demos.


The following should be installed for the demos to work:

Over a decade ago, the first version of Silverlight was released and rapidly became a panacea for C# developers to write client web apps. The combination of plug-in free smartphones and evolving HTML5 standards led to its fast demise. From its ashes a new framework has been born that accomplishes what it could not: running .NET, in every modern desktop and phone browser, without plug-ins. Learn about Blazor, a framework for building Single Page Applications (SPA) that uses the power of WebAssembly to bring .NET apps to your browser.

Enjoy the presentation!

Get started with Blazor

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I've have been looking at blazor for a nice while now, I first heard of it about a year ago but never really dipped my toes into it since it was in early experimental stages.

Looks like it is shaping up to be a nice technology to pick up for my next project.


Blazor sure does look great. It's an interesting mix of the big 3 frontend frameworks at the moment. For anyone in the South East if England, there's a meetup on the topic in a few weeks! Check out this Meetup with Reading .NET meetu.ps/e/H9HHj/wd1KN/d