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Discussion on: What non-dev IT jobs have you had?

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Midpoint Nerd

Retail & cashier at the parking office of my alma-matter.

Ironically, the parking job got me interested in long term development, because in service of my duties, I made an Access database that kept track of Appeals meetings, decisions, scheduling, etc. Was even split between front & back ends to let me work from the front counter workstations as well as my desk in back.

I was given a commendation from the police chief for my ingenuity. Then when a coworker was struggling at a mail merge for something else that I used to do, I realized that my existing DB could be thinned down and modified in less than a week to automate most of the tedium of that process.

For that, I was written up and threatened with being fired for having gone above my pay grade, doing the work of a "developer" when I was being paid less than an assistant manager of a popular video game pawn shop.

In my defense, I took the commendation as encouragement and was just using MS Office as our organization had a site license, and the previous mail merges were all done with a table in a Word doc instead of an Excel sheet…

Before leaving, I also was able to document the entire function of my DB and the appeal clerk's process, which likely also threatened the manager of the department, who had also chastised the whole office for not being keenly aware of the diffs in the parking rules book, despite none of us knowing that changes could even be made between years or by whomst.