Understanding Object Oriented JavaScript

Donita on August 16, 2018

Recently I was tasked to create an Object Oriented Arcade Game and at first sight, it was a struggle. Learning JavaScript was a point of contenti... [Read Full]
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I am almost done! Thanx for asking! :)


Are you planning on putting it up on GitHub when it's done or is that not allowed with the course?

I think a Dev Diary post along with the source up on GitHub would be really cool 🙂

Yes, I plan on putting it on there. I had no idea about a Dev Diary, let me look into it and thank you for telling me about it! :)

Happy to help you with any questions you might have about follow up posts!

A little tip, that you may already know, there are a bunch of sites that will take a Git repository and let you browse the files. CDN style.

GitCDN is a good one, just paste a link to the RAW view of your index.html and you'll get a link and the game will work in the browser without you having to host it.

Here's one I made earlier, it looks really nice by the way 🙂

I actually heard about GitCDN but never tried it. Thank you for sharing this with me, because I currently just use the pages that GitHub provides.


I'm just glad JS is becoming more and accepting of actual programming paradigms and patterns.

Modern JS is not JS of old.


Interesting post and i like it. I'll wait new article


Recently I was tasked to create an Object Oriented Arcade Game

But why JavaScript?


I'm apart of the Udacity Front- End Program and Javascript was required. :)


I love it. I am apart of the Grow the Google initiative that Google is doing through Udacity, so I love it because of the online community that it provides. I started out as a complete beginner in January and my growth in development has grown due to the community support that I received.

How do you like the style of instruction? Is it mostly video or text, are there any live sessions? I'm thinking about doing the full stack dev course and trying to see if the instruction style would work for me.

I love it, but I did use FreeCodeCamp as well. It's both and some lessons are more text heavy than others. There were no live sessions though.

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