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How to create your own alias for “php artisan” command on cmder

If there is one out of many pain in the A** laravel developer faces especially when building laravel project is continuously typing php artisan command for almost laravel artisan command via terminal. This step also can be applied to any repeatable command you normally type when developing an application or working via terminal.

Lets get started:-


=> Get Cmder Download link or if you have Laragon already installed cmder comes preinstalled.


=> Go to your Laragon installation folder as for me, I install my laragon app at C:\laragon as shown below :-

Alt Text


=> To locate cmder goto C:\laragon\bin\cmder
Alt Text


=> To add an alias C:\laragon\bin\cmder\config

Locate a file user_aliases.cmd and open it.

Adding Aliases

You can add aliases using the alias command. Aliases added using the alias command will be immediately available and persist across Cmder sessions. For our case type pa=php artisan $* as shown below:-


After following all the steps above down to writing down all your aliases aka nickname or pseudo-name you can save your changes. Then open your cmder and type pa as shown below:-

Alt Text

Congratulation for solving one pain out of many you have when working with repeatable command on cmder.

Thanks for reading!

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