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How to access your laragon local projects using Android phone

Here i'm back with a little tutorial for you guys especially the team mobile developers that uses laravel as their backend and love using laragon as their local testing server. This particular tutorial details you on how to use your mobile phone to access all your laragon local files easily. why do you need that if you may ask me? Okay let say for example you are developing a web app and you want to test the responsiveness cross devices from desktop to mobile view, here is an easy way to go about it without deploying your web app on live server.

You can also check this => How to create your own alias for “php artisan” command on cmder.


=> Android Phone.
=> Laptop or Desktop(where you are doing your development)
=> Laragon server.
=> USB or WIFI connections.

The above requirement are important for this tutorial to be successful. okay let started

STEP 1: very important You need to be connected on Thesame network either via WIFI or USB TETHERING make sure is connected else it wont work. image

Above image shows my own connection using USB TETHERING..

STEP 2: Open your cmd (windows key + r type cmd). Type ipconfig to list all the available network connection on your system.
Alt Text

Scroll down and look for WIFI or Ethernet
Alt Text
As you can see my connection on Ethernet and the listed IP address assigned to it. Just noted it down or copy the IP ADDRESS somewhere.

STEP 3: Goto your mobile phone browser, i love using chrome, so open it and type the IP ADDRESS you copy from your pc cmd and hit enter. BOOM image

Above image shows you the root of my laragon projects files in which you can access all the file or project you currently working it.

For more tutorial like this like, share and also comment if you have any question or issues.

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Ahmad Bayrakdar

missing a step between 2 and 3:
go to terminal, copy paste this line
php artisan serve --host 192.168.x.x (your ip)