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Describe the Road from Junior to Senior Engineer

domitriusclark profile image Domitrius ・1 min read

In your words and or experience what ideals, understandings, and resources brought you from the entry level developer to senior level engineer.

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Rémy 🤖

If you're familiar with compound interests, I'd sum it up this way:

(1 + 0.01) ^ 365 = 38

In other words, if you manage to improve your skills by 1% every day, in one year your skills will be 38 times what they are today.

That's true for programming skills, but you also need to pick up on human skills, project management, making estimates, taking a step back...

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Domitrius Author

Thank you! I'd definitely say within the last year I've realized how much your soft skills really impact how you grow as a developer.

Can't wait to be able to share my journey!