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7 Must-Knows About Low-Code Software Engineering

"Nearly everyone working in tech has an opinion about low and no code tools." - Katrina Dene, Director of Communications, StackOverflow

Does low-code lead to more or less spaghetti code?

The debate about low-code is in full swing with developers from all backgrounds weighing in. What's your take? Does low-code mean more or less spaghetti code? If you're still not sure here's our TL; DR about low-code software engineering:

1. Low-code / no-code is the future of software engineering.

True. But: it's a part of software engineering's ongoing simplification through a variety of productivity-enhancing inventions.

2. No-code and low-code are the same.

False: no-code is for non-coders. Low-code is for software engineers.

3. I am a developer, no-code isn't for me.

True: real developers are likely to get frustrated with the loss of control in a pure no-code tool. Well-designed low-code tools that make software engineering more efficient are the right tools for experienced developers.

4. Low-code / no-code tools will make developers redundant.

False. They are productivity-enhancing tools, but not substitutes for humans writing code.

5. It doesn't matter which no-code / low-code tool to learn first.

False. Use three questions to create a shortlist of platforms (check out my earlier article on this topic to find out what these three questions are).

6. With low-code, I will eventually hit a brick wall for complex use cases.

False, provided you pick the right platform for the right use case. Selecting the right tool before starting to develop will save you a lot of time down the road.

7. Individual skill determines software engineering teams' productivity. 

True and false. Of course, individual skill makes a big difference in outcomes. But when you treat software engineering like an engineering process, increased productivity can also result from better dev tools. Low-code, for example, can accelerate app delivery by up to 10x, according to Forrester.

Keen To Learn More About Low-Code Software Engineering?

Those were our seven lessons on low-code software engineering. If you'd like to read more, here's a list of all lessons with links to our website:

Originally published at on August 23, 2022.

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