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Day 48 / 100daysofCode

I spent my time doing research for the layout and functionality of the web app.


I want to use NextJS as my front end since I am comfortable with it. For the backend, I am very unclear about what I want to use, but I think I will start the basic version with Firebase, but after I finish the first draft or version 1.0, I plan to use NodeJS and MongoDB. I plan to use Tailwind CSS for styling.


I want a color scheme that includes my school colors and inspires productivity. After some research, I want to use red since it is known for productivity. I am using gold and black for my school colors. Lastly, I decided to use an off-white for the light mode version because it compliments the red. As a font, I am using Roboto because of its simplicity. I am currently brainstorming the name for the website. It's called Study Helper, but the name is not final.

User Authentication

I plan to create this website to be available to my school first. If students find this website helpful, I will make it available to all schools. To prevent random people from logging into the wrong schools, I will use google authentication. Lastly, there will be roles for each user. The roles will be:

  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Tutor Student

Potential Features for this Website

  • Finding a tutor: Our school provides tutors for the kids, some of them are students and others are adults. Students can view the tutor list and reach out to them.

  • Student Resources: Teachers can share resources that the students can use for additional help or for studying.

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