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Day 45 / 100daysofcode

I have been grounded for the last 11 days because my room was messy. Although I am still grounded, I found a way to use my computer to code. I am limited to only using HTML and CSS, so I have been creating front-end templates.

I would consider this day a milestone because I am comfortable with NextJS. I plan to use NextJS to help me learn NodeJS. NodeJS is a back-end server-side language. The internet says that NodeJS is best for real-time application websites, which will help me with my current project.

There are two projects that I am developing. The first project is an idea-sharing website for those who face creative blocks. I am a victim of creative block and often find myself unmotivated to code because of them. This website will help people who have the same problem as me, the website solves the issue of people waiting weeks before working on a project. The second project I am working on will be an office hour booking website. There are lots of students who need to seek extra help from teachers but often miss office hours because they don't know the time. This website will allow teachers to post when they have office hours, the students will upvote if they want to go. That will help teachers save time since they won't have to stay longer if no students arrive. Depending on your school, there might be a tutor option where students can book tutors for certain projects.

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