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Officially backing Aurelia Front-End Framework

Officially backing Aurelia Front-End JavaScript Framework

After discussing our strategy around front-end JavaScript frameworks at Dolittle, we decided to make our framework of choice official by becoming a backer of the open source front-end framework Aurelia!

Open Collective backing badge from Dolittle’s official backer page

Why donate to Open Source?

At Dolittle, we believe in developing our platform in the open, and part of that is leaning on the work of other open source projects. We try to find ways to contribute back to open source and becoming an official backer is something we felt strongly about when it came to Aurelia.

Why Aurelia?

We’ve been using Aurelia as the defacto frontend JavaScript library for building our products, and the default framework for our open-source extensions for a while now.

It’s not the hottest framework out there, nor the framework that has the most likes on GitHub. What it is though is a framework that aligns very well with our development principles for building typical Line-of-Business applications.

It is Built on Open Web Standards, Open Source, Inspired by MVVM, Convention over Configuration, Fully Extensible and Separation of Concerns, to name a few.

It’s also gaining momentum with a committed and active core team who are working towards a vNext release.

In conclusion

We want to thank the Aurelia team and open source contributors for their countless hours of work and hope our contribution helps them reach their goals. As their work is helping us reach ours.

We also want to take the opportunity to bring focus to this great framework and its helpful community. Do check out Aurelia, if you haven’t done so already.

A note on other frameworks…

We want to make it very clear that our backing of Aurelia doesn’t mean you can’t use other front-end frameworks with Dolittle. We’re happy to say that you’re free to select whichever front-end framework you prefer. We have plans to add official support for more in the future.

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Originally posted on the Dolittle blog.

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