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Finding Awesome Audio Resources

I'm a big fan of awesome lists. When trying to learn about new databases, get background on security tools, find a Python library, CSS trick, etc. these curated lists of community bookmarks are helpful.

A few years ago I wrote about my surprise at the difficulty finding useful audio resources. We've had contributions from both interns and audio engineers with decades of industry experience which has helped the list continue to grow.

The Awesome Audio Repository

As is tradition, you can find the complete list of resources in a single markdown file -- the of the repository.

There are a few categories to help organize the resources.

Audio Code

This is a collection of software applications, tools, web apps, and APIs you can use to solve audio-related problems for your own awesome projects.

It is further sub-divided into a few specific problem areas. The idea is for finding alternative programmatic solutions to common problems.

  • How-to Analyze Audio
  • How-to Edit Audio
  • How-to Playback Audio
  • How-to Read and Write Audio Files
  • How-to Record Audio
  • How-to Send Real-Time Audio
  • How-to Transcribe Audio
  • How-to Visualize Audio

I would love to hear from others in comments if there are other types of problems where they'd be looking for solutions.

Audio Community

This is a list of social forums and network aggregators, discussion groups, in-person events, and audio experiences you can seek out.

  • More Awesome: After digging, I have found some additional awesome lists that are worth calling out but have a narrower focus area
  • Collections: Places to find large collections of recordings
  • Conferences and Events: There are some great events to get together with other audiophiles
  • Groups
  • Podcasts that explore audio concepts in interesting ways

Audio Education

This section is all about educational resources such as books, courses, tutorials, journals, and blogs that are worth checking out for those new to studying audio.

Audio Industry

This is a collection of standards organizations and definitions that can be very useful for understanding the larger ecosystem as it relates to audio.

Audio Research

Dolby has a large audio research team that is advancing technical progress in the field. This section includes resources such as datasets which can be useful for those who are developing algorithms and training machine learning approaches.

Contributing to Awesome Audio

Is there something missing from the list? Without a doubt there are many awesome people doing awesome things.

If your most beloved resources are something you'd be willing to share, please check the contributing guidelines and code of conduct then Submit an Issue with your suggestion. You can also drop some links in the comments here and I'll add them to the list.

Thanks friends!

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hrantors22 • Edited

There are a lot of such resources in internet, just search what exactly do you need. For example I often read new posts on music, it is discussion forum for chatting about all things related to the art of making music. There are a lot of threads with useful information. Hope you will also find something interesting for you.